What issues can be solved?

Where to place the production plant?

Can we save transport costs by using cross-docks and how many cross-docks should there be?

How will the simulation change based on various input parameters?

The way to real improvement...

The multicriterial simulation of Centre of Gravity (CoG) is mostly used as an initial theoretical model to understand and visualise the actual (or expected) status.

Based on this analysis, we can continue to simulate the logistics flow in more details to create your future Global Logistics Network for inbound flow, in warehouses for the inner flows as well as for outbound flow, including a last mile or a milk run distribution solution.

The CoG can be built based on multicriteriality where the influence of parameters is performed by, e.g., the number of pallets (60%), the volume of goods (30%) and other customer importencies (10%).


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