What issues can be solved?

Which negative factors (external or internal) are able to modify your production or logistics plan? What is their intensity?

How serious (procedurally and financially) are the differences of your plan before the start and after the end of the planned process?

Do you know that Management of the Optimal Process Protection (MO2P) can help protect your plan against changes caused by such various adverse factors?

The way to real improvement...

MO2P” is a shortcut from the name of the method: MANAGEMENT of the OPTIMAL PROCESS PROTECTION, a product from our own research.

Imagine one of your processes. See how is it optimised and planned. Then, look at how the process is modified during its duration by outside adverse factors. Finally, you can compare the plan before the start and after the end. Maybe you will ask yourself why do you plan something again and again when, in all cases, the plan is eventually modified by more and more adverse factors. Do you know this feeling?

This method can be used as an alternative to FMEA, to the ISHIKAWA diagram, to the Theory of Constraints or to SIX SIGMA. In comparison to these methods, the base of MO2P is built on a “low subjectivity” method with a quick and cheap implementation, which can give you a LIST OF ACTIONS as the output. It means information on which processes and in which order they must be solved in so that your company can protect your process(es) against outside (internal or external) adverse factors. Simply said, it helps to show what is and is not a priority in your company.


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