What issues can be solved?

How to (re-)build a diverse distribution network while respecting many various factors?

Is it financially suitable to operate a consignment warehouse located close to the final customer?

What is the optimal setting of the last mile (or milkrun) process?

The way to real improvement...

The outbound distribution network is a part of the supply chain, which is very specific for each sector. There are two main points of view on how the outbound distribution channel can be designed. First, for logistics providers to supply the automotive, FMCG, pharmacy idustries or, generally, some production plants (B2B) and, second, in the field of e-commerce (partly in retail too) to supply direct customers (B2C).

Generally, the basic principles are very similar in all cases. The scientific support in the picking process can be used in the automotive industry (as part of the KANBAN or JIS process) as well as in the parcel picking system in an e-commerce business, including the 2D/3D optimisation of the loading space.

The process of an on-time-delivery depends on the optimal truck routing, which can be specific based on the type of business (last mile for e-commerce, milk run in the automotive field or multi-stops in FMCG or retail). In all cases, the correct understanding of your business is key for the application of a suitable scientific tool.


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