What issues can be solved?

How to organise items in a racking system due to the all-in-one stock analysis (ABC + XYZ + RST stock analysis) based on the frequency of the demand, the seasonality and/or the stock turnover time?

What is the minimal consumption time of the resources for picking process in automotive or in e-commerce?

Do you know the "heatmap" of your warehouse for thein/out flow?

The way to real improvement...

The inside operations in warehouses can be very simple, but only exceptionally. Actually, in most cases, the logistics providers are focused on expanding its services with an ever deeper influence on the production processes (picking, line-feeding...), especially as a part of inbound logistics for production plants..

The required competitive advantage can be achieved, if far-sighted managers try to think about what their customers do not yet know they will need.

The simplest example would be the extremely growing trend in the field of e-commerce, where your new processes are outperformed by your competitors once you have completed their implementation.


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