What issues can be solved?

How to (re)build and optimise the complex logistics flow from suppliers via factories to customers?

What is the optimal capacity of the distribution centre(s) and cross-dock(s)?

How will the financial effect for various scenarios and/or input parameters change?

The way to real improvement...

One of the most complex and key strategic analyses in which you have an opportunity to positively support your global business for a long-time period is to simulate the design of the global logistics network. Or, in a better way, just to verify that your global business is set up correctly.

The design of the global logistics network can be considered as an umbrella that covers other partial simulations (centre of gravity, inner flows in warehouses, distribution flow through cross-docks, last mile design, etc.)

The initial brainstorming on this theme can bring suitable insight and mutual understanding into the future correct setting of the global logistics flow.


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